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Solutions by industry

A new way of learning

Gone are the days of sitting in a library to finish an assignment because it was the only place to get the information needed. Trawling through paper copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica is the stuff of legends (Baby Boomers will remember this well). Traditional learning institutes are being disrupted with more than 2 billion online students accessing course material through their phones, tablets, or laptops.

Real time access to information

The cost of healthcare is increasing - for a number of reasons. A burgeoning aging population, increase in the amount of people with chronic diseases, and higher insurance premiums - all contributing. Regardless, continuity of care is a priority. With the introduction of new technologies like tele-medicine, robotics, and conversational intelligence, patients are able to stay connected to high quality and cost-effective medical care for the ongoing management of their health.

Reducing the burden

The transition from high school to university can be daunting. A new physical location, new class structures, personal accountability, and new friends - it’s a whole other world. To help students make a speeder and happy transition requires a solid orientation program. Imagine if you could provide immediate answers to questions like ‘where’s my classroom?’, ‘who is the teacher on x subject?’, ‘when do we break for the holidays?’, ‘where do I get my course material?’, ‘how do I change a class?’, The list goes on. With a digital employee from Ambit, it’s possible.